Walnut Ridge Mountain Curs

Walnut  Ridge Mountain Curs
and American Leopard Hounds

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Thank you for your interest in my puppies! Please browse the site for information on pedigrees, titles earned, sire and dams, and lots of photos.

   I am a member of the Original Mountain Cur Breeder's Association, Kemmer Stock Breeder's Association, Good Dog Breeder Approved, and have titled multiple dogs in the American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, National Kennel Club, and International All Breed Canine Association. Several of my dogs have been the first of their breed to earn titles in various dog sports. I am also the breed contact for Mountain Curs in the AKC. The focus of my breeding program is Versatility, Health, and Temperament. 

  You may view my puppies, sire and dams, health guarantee, and puppy application application on the following sites: 

Gooddog:  https://www.gooddog.com/breeders/walnut-ridge-mountain-curs-ohio

AKC: https://marketplace.akc.org/breeder/walnutridgemountaincurs

I will be accepting families for my waiting list and deposits can be placed after the pups are whelped. You may fill out an application on the above links, or contact me directly. 

At this time I am anticipating about a 3 month wait.

    In my breeding program I am striving to keep the Mountain Cur breed true to its extremely versatile working abilities while maintaining healthy genetics. All of my breeding dogs have been DNA tested by Embark an are not affected by any of the conditions in their database. They have also been DNA parentage profiled. 

    All dogs and puppies are fed Royal Canin. Deworming schedules are every 2 weeks and monthly flea/heartworm prevention. 

     I introduce the puppies to early neurological stimulation and work with them every day. My puppies are raised at my home and go through a "puppy preschool" where they learn their basics and socilization. This helps the transition to their new homes go very smoothly with the least amount of stress possible for the puppy.  

     Their socialization consists of a large variety of sights, smells, sounds, and objects that can be scary to a puppy. Different surfaces such as linoleum, carpet, concrete, wood, grass, dirt, etc., climbing structures, water, exercise pen, potty training basics, stacking and bench practice, raccoon and squirrel scent imprinting, and lots of love and attention every day. Puppies will be current on vaccines, Bordatella (at 3 weeks) 10 way Combo vaccinations (6 and 8 weeks). 

     When you purchase a Walnut Ridge puppy, you are getting more than just a hunting dog, you are also getting a well started, loyal, best friend for life. My "puppy preschool" program prepared the pups for their new homes, owners, and jobs. A great dog begins with a great breeding and training program! 

    Past litter pictures are posted below.

Puppies will have a Health Guarantee/Contract which is available to view on the link below. They also are backed by LIFETIME BREEDER SUPPORT!

Rebel X Missy litter is due in March 2021
Rebel X Cali should be due April 2021


REBEL X CALI - 6/22/20

                           Willa                                                           Misty                                                             Kamora

                                              Kaner                                                                                              Lil Ann

REBEL X MISSY - 6/8/20


                     Colonel Jeff                                                    Blackie                                                             Mrs T

                                           Cary                                                                                              Voodoo


REBEL X CALI - 10/10/19 

                      Annie Oakley                                                  Dozer

                                         Max                                                                                                           Sierra


  REBEL X CALI 2/2/19

                                         Sharpshooter                                                                              Ruckus

                            Rage                                                     Rooster

5x World Sq. Ch. Looney's 20/20 Hummer x CCH Walnut Ridge Dixie (2/5/16) 

               Rebel                                                                  Smoke                                                               Coal