Walnut Ridge Mountain Curs

Walnut  Ridge Mountain Curs
and American Leopard Hounds

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7/30/16 Best in Show Puppy (UKC Conformation Show)

7/31/16 Reserve Best in Show Puppy (UKC Conformation Show)

11/12/16 Best in Show (UKC Conformation Show)

11/13/16 New UKC Conformation Champion Title

2016 #1 Mountain Cur UKC Conformation

2/4/17 Best in Show Cur (Bench Show)

2/4/17 3rd Place Registered NKC Squirrel Hunt

3/5/17 New URO1 UKC Rally Title

7/16/17 New UKC SPOT Title (Socialized Pet Obedience Test)

8/26/17 New International Champion IABCA Conformation Title with 5 V-1 ratings

9/9/17 AKC Canine Good Citizen Title

10/14/17 1st Place Registered NKC Squirrel Hunt

10/26/17 AKC TKN (AKC Trick Dog Novice Title)

11/11/17 1st Place Registered (NKC Squirrel Hunt)

11/11/17 New SQ CH Squirrel Champion (NKC Hunt Title)

11/11/17 1st Place Champion (NKC Squirrel Hunt)

12/10/17 New UCD (Companion Dog) UKC Obedience Title

2017 #1 Mountain Cur UKC Conformation

1/6/18 AKC Achiever Dog Certificate

1/6/18 New CD (Companion Dog) AKC Obedience Title

1/6/18 New RN (Rally Novice) AKC Rally Obedience Title

1/7/18 New BN (Beginner Novice) AKC Obedience Title

1/14/18 New National Champion IABCA Conformation Title with V-1 Rating

Reserve Best in Show Rare Breed Adult (IABCA)

4/21/18 New PCD (Preferred Companion Dog) AKC Obedience Title

2018 #1 Mountain Cur in UKC Conformation

6/14/18 UKC Top 10 Invitational Best of Breed 

Premier 2018 Group 3 and 4 placements. Total Dog Qualifier + TD Group 3!

6/14/18 New CA (UKC Coursing Ability Title)

12/2/18 New SPOT_ON Title UKC Socialized Pet Obedience Test - Outstanding Neighbor

2018 AKC Obedience Classic Invitee

2018 UKC #1 Conformation Mountain Cur

2019 AKC Rally National Invitee

2/24/19 New Honors Champion with Group Placements in each show 1,2,3,2 (IABCA)

3/14/19 AKC FSS Group 4

4/21/19 AKC Best in Open Show, FSS Group 1

5/12/19 New BCAT (AKC Fast CAT lure coursing Title)

6/13/19 UKC Best of Breed UKC Conformation Top 10 Invitational

6/15/19 New RACEN (UKC Novice Precision Coursing Title)

6/16/19 New RACEA (UKC Advanced Precision Coursing Title)

6/16/19 New UWP (UKC Weight Pull Title)

7/12/19 New Graduate Novice (AKC Obedience Title)

8/17/19 AKC Best in Open Show, 2x FSS Group 1

8/18/19 AKC Best in Open Show, 2x FSS Group 1

8/24/19 IABCA Reserve Best in Show Bred By Exhibitor

8/24/19 New Honors Champion in Bronze (IABCA) (3x V-1 Rating)

8/25/19 IABCA Best in Show Rare Breed

8/25/19 Best in Show Bred By Exhibitor

8/25/19 New Honors Champion in Silver (3x V-1 Rating)

9/6/19 New AKC Farm Dog Certified Title

10/5/19 New AKC Rally Intermediate Title

10/19/19 AKC FSS Conformation Group 1

10/20/19 AKC FSS Conformation Group 1

11/2/19 NKC Ohio State 2019 Squirrel Champion winner

11/2/19 NKC Ohio State Best Male of Show

11/2/19 New NKC Bench Show Champion

11/14/19 New AKC CGCA Comunity Canine Title

11/30/19 AKC FSS Group 3 & Group 4

12/1/19 AKC FSS Group 4

12/1/19 AKC Best in Open Show, FSS Group 1

12/1/19 New CM (AKC Certificate of Merit conformation Title)

2019 UKC Conformation #1 Mountain Cur

2020 AKC Rally National Invitee

2/23/20 IABCA RBIS Rare Breed

2/23/20 IABCA RBIS Zuchtgruppe

3/6/20-3/8/20 UKC Ohio Classic Group placements all 6 shows (1,3,3,4,2,3)

3/6/20-3/8/20 UKC Ohio Classic 3X Total Dog awards

2020 UKC Premier Group 1

First Mountain Cur to earn the following titles in AKC:

Companion Dog

Preferred Companion Dog

Beginner Novice

Graduate Novice

Rally Novice

Rally Intermediate

Canine Good Citizen

Advanced Canine Good Citizen

BCAT Fast Cat 

Trick Dog Novice

Achiever Dog

Farm Dog Certified

Certificate of Merit

Best in Show

First Mountain Cur to earn the folloing in UKC:

Best in Show

Weight Pull Title

Coursing Ability Title

RBIS IntBA/NatBA Walnut Ridge
Steel Blue Dozer (Rebel X Cali)

2/22/20 IABCA Reserve Best in Show Bred-By Puppy

2/23/20 New IABCA International Baby Champion

2/23/20 New IABCA National Baby Champion

CCH Walnut Ridge High Caliber

12/3/17 New CCH (UKC Conformation Champion Title)